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Considerations for a Ground Floor Extension


Extending your ground floor can transform your living space. It can help improve functionality of your home, increase value of the property and help create more space for a growing family. But this is a project that needs a lot of planning.

You need to have a clear idea of your goals

And requirements when it comes to home extensions Hawthorn. Think about why you need the additional space and how much space is required. Maybe you are looking to extend the kitchen or add a new bedroom.  Or you may be looking to expand the living area. By having a good understanding of your priorities, you will be able to give the renovation company a better idea of what they are expected to achieve. This will help guide the overall layout of the extension so that the final result improves the living experience.

You also need to assess the property and the existing floor layout to understand the feasibility of this project. There are situations when you will not be able to extend the ground floor. Some of the factors that should be considered in making this decision are the setbacks for your land, lot size, building regulations, potential obstacles such as utility lines, trees, easements etc. There can also be structural challenges that should be resolved before the project can progress. You need to understand the limitations and the potential of the property so that the scope of work can be properly defined.

The new extension

Should be integrated into the existing ground floor all the while maximising the amount of sunlight and ventilation coming into the house. The functionality of the house should be improved. To ensure that the extension and the existing structure are a cohesive whole, you have to consider materials, architectural style, roofline and façade of the existing building. While it is much easier to ensure that the new structure aligns with the same design elements and materials as the existing structure, you can also have a contrasting addition as well. For example, you can create a steel and glass extension to a traditional stone or brick living room so that both stages of your home are defined clearly. But this has to be done carefully ensuring that the final outcome is a cohesive result.

You have to think about

How traffic flow is affected by the new space and how this addition interacts with the house. You can bring in more light and views to outdoors using skylights, large windows and glass doors. There are structural considerations for a ground floor extension as well. You need to make sure that this addition is structurally sound and aligns with the local building code requirements. This is why you should work with a structural engineer from the beginning so that they take factors such as load bearing walls, type of foundation, roof structure and drainage of house into the overall design. This can help you avoid expensive revisions later on and the safety of the structure can also be ensured.

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