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Different Types of Outdoor Furniture Materials


Outdoor furniture can add visual interest and functionality to a home. But you need to understand what fits well with the exterior façade of the house, landscape and the theme followed in the interior design. This is what will help you create a unified design throughout the home.

When it comes to outdoor furniture Brisbane, you need to understand the climatic condition of your location and which materials can best withstand the elements. In addition to durability, you have to consider the cost and the appearance.    There are rattan and synthetic resin wicker furniture. The advantage of the latter is that they are low maintenance and you will be able to use them for a long time. They are quite lightweight so you will be able to change the furniture arrangement when you need them. But you need to select a quality material when it comes to wicker. There are PVC wickers that you can find at a cheap price that will not last for a long time. Instead, look for high density polythene wicker that is very easy to clean and maintain. Generally, there will be an aluminium frame for these synthetic resin wicker furniture. This further contributes to the lightweight of the furniture.

A lightweight outdoor furniture material is cast aluminium. It is durable as well. But you need to consider the weather condition of your location as well. If you are living in a coastal area or a region that has high winds, this type of furniture can be easily blown away. You will need to take some additional precautions to prevent this from happening. Wrought iron has been traditionally used as a material for outdoor furniture. This was traditionally made from hand which is where the term “wrought” comes from. You will be able to get decorative designs and unique styles with wrought iron. But this is a heavy material when compared to aluminium.

If you prefer the classic look, you can go for teak outdoor furniture as it has a certain resistance to weather conditions and it has a beautiful finish as well. You will be able to have teak furniture that lasts several decades. However, these are not light furniture and there will be some effort when it comes to moving the furniture. But there is higher maintenance required when it comes to teak furniture. Moisture can damage the furniture so there will be certain coatings that you will have to carry out periodically. One of the heaviest materials you can use for outdoor furniture is steel and this can be quite costly as well. You need to make sure they are coated well to prevent corrosion. You can combine two or more materials together as well. You can use steel with synthetic wicker for the seat. This will create a beautifully minimal furniture design. There are many companies that specialise in outdoor furniture so you will need to check their reviews and reliability before making a purchase. There are also waterproof fabrics that you can choose when adding seat cushions to the outdoor furniture.

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