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Epoxy Resins Used in Construction


Epoxy resin is one of those materials that you have likely heard of, but you have no idea what it means or what it does. Technically speaking all it is an adhesive. It sticks things together, whether that’s metal, wood, or electronics, epoxy is going to help two objects bond as they’ve never bonded before. How can this be? Well simply put Epoxy is a thermoset plastic and it is made by combining two distinct compounds together and giving it time to harden. Once you get epoxy on something, it’s never coming off, and this property makes it invaluable for a lot of consumer applications. It is tough, it has extreme adhesion properties, and it is also very resistant to chemicals, flames, heat, shattering, radiation etc.

So, what is an epoxy resin used for? Oddly enough, epoxy resin is used to make other adhesives in the manufacturing context. It is invaluable in the industries of plastic, sealers, flooring, paint, and all kind of other materials that are used in the manufacturing industry. When exploring the wide world of resin and its uses, you will likely come across the question or ask question What is Pigment Paste for Resin?. This is a question that is best handled by the experience of using resin. But we do recommend that you check out the link. The materials that they provide and the epoxy that they sell are fantastic and are sure to last you for years, if not lifetimes.

Most of the adhesives that you have ever come across when considering construction glues, like sealers or special engineering adhesives are made of epoxy. This stuff isn’t like that bottle of PVAc adhesive that you were playing around with in the 3rd grade. Epoxy is very strong. These glues are used only in places that specifically have a high need to be durable under tension, such as in laminated woods, roofing tiles, walls etc. Epoxy sticks to pretty much anything it comes into contact with if you give it the opportunity to harden. And this includes wood, stone, and even glass.

Epoxy is often found beneath your feet. If you’re resting your feet on tile that is terrazzo, chip, or high-performance flooring, you will notice a fine layer of epoxy on the top of it that gives it that characteristic sheen. Epoxy resin is also used in the actual manufacture of tiles, as they can even be used to hold the various mosaics together. It’s really a good adhesive and nigh indestructible. Epoxies are also used in other ways. For example, you can find that a lot of countertops are now covered in epoxy, this is because of their great durability as well as their ability to produce a shine. These countertops are usually made by getting together recycled glass and other materials and filling in the gaps with epoxy so that it has a sort of mosaic effect. This is a fantastic way of not only having a great countertop but also expressing yourself.

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