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Great Hens Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Night


One of your girlfriends is getting married and you definitely have to send her off with a bang before she ties the knot. A hen’s party is an event dedicated to the bride-to-be, similar to a bridal shower. It usually goes in two ways depending on the bride. You could plan wild and naughty night fuelled with drinks and strippers, or go for a more intimate event that would bring you and the ladies close together.

For those who are tasked to plan their best friend’s hens party, you definitely know how challenging it is to plan an unforgettable and fun evening for everyone especially the bride. To help you out, here are some of the best hens’ party ideas that is a little bit unique from the usual bridal showers

Wine and Workshop

A hen’s night is not all about booze and partying. If you have a bride-to-be who loves learning something new, having a hens night workshop is something she’ll surely enjoy. It would be great to send her off with new useful skills before she ties the knot.

There are plenty of activities to choose from for the workshop – from cooking classes, cocktail mixing, jewellery making, or a life drawing with a nude model – for those who are looking to add excitement to the party. If you’re looking for a professional model to pose for the nude life drawing Adelaide has some good ones you could book. Don’t forget to have quality wine while doing the workshop to add more fun.

Secret Hens Party

If the bride-to-be loves glamorous things and wants to be spoiled a lot, then she’ll surely enjoy a luxurious party in a secret venue. Hire an exclusive venue for the hens’ party and make the bride-to-be feel like a VIP in her very own private party. Hiring a secret venue means the bride and the girls can party in private, without the bustle of a regular nightclub. It is all up to you on how you want the event to go and which activities you’d like to add to entertain the bride-to-be.

Private Movie Screening

If the bride-to-be and the other ladies prefer a more relaxing side and partying all night seems to exhausting to think about, you could still throw a bash for your best friend even without the booze and wild party.

A private movie screening is a great hens night idea for those who want to get together and relax with their girlfriends. It gives a similar feeling like when you’re having those slumber parties before. You have all the excuse to eat, drink, chat, and maybe have a sleepover after as well.

There are still plenty of great ideas that can make a unique hens party. What matters most is the preference of the bride-to-be when planning a hen’s party. Be sure that she is into the things and activities that you planned out for a totally fun and memorable time before she ties the knot.

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