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Guidelines To Maintain and Use Your Oven Properly


Besides the gas cooker, an oven is a useful appliance that enables you to prepare various types of dishes quickly and conveniently. Therefore, if you want to use it for a long time it is your responsibility to take good care of it.

But you may not take much note of whether your oven needs any servicing or cleaning and that negligence can lead your oven to malfunction. Keep reading to find out how you can use your oven by maintaining it in the right way.

Keep your oven clean

This is a very important aspect to ensure your oven functions well. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your oven as often as possible.

If you are using your oven just once in a while, you may give it a good cleaning twice a year. On the other hand, if you use your oven quite frequently, you may have to clean it at least once every two months.

Keep an eye on your gas line

It may sound like it has nothing to do with maintaining an oven, but you need to always take a note of your gas line especially when you purchase a new oven to avoid any leaks.

Furthermore, if you already got a pretty old oven, you still have to check your gas line so that you can replace it with a new one if it seems worn out.

Make a note of the oven door seals

The purpose of the seal present in oven doors is to ensure the oven is closed well to let heat circulate inside efficiently. As this is a piece of rubber, it usually gets worn out over time and results in poor heating. So, you have to replace the old seal with a new one.

If you have a gas oven and you prefer to get a professional’s help to fix the new seal, you can look for gas oven service in Brisbane. They offer an excellent service for any other oven repairs you want to fix immediately as well.

Check the burners

You will have to replace your oven burners if there is any debris or a particular area seems brighter than the rest. Hence, it is vital to check the burners of your oven.

This is also because a flame can be created when it shorts out which can lead to a major problem to your oven although this problem is usually a slight one. So, when you notice such a sign in your oven burner, change it at your earliest.

Do not forget to clean the sides and underneath

For your oven to function well, it also needs some space for some air to pass through. However, with time, when your oven is not cleaned in a while dirt, dust and any other debris can get collected on the sides and underneath.

When such a thing occurs, it prevents the air to flow through your oven easily and may also result in a fire hazard when left unnoticed for a long time.

Wipe inside after every use

Even though you may include a large baking sheet to ensure nothing spills from the baking tray, there can be instances where you may notice any spilling.

During such an instance, wait until the oven cools down after you finish baking and wipe off all the spills immediately. This is can prevent unnecessary accumulation of leftovers and you will find it easy to clean when you do the actual cleaning for your oven.

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