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How to Customise a Concrete Swimming Pool?


A concrete swimming pool is a functional and aesthetically appealing addition to your backyard. And if you are planning to have one built, you need to make sure that the design is tailored to your requirements.

You should have a clear vision in the beginning

So that you can convey it to the pool builder. Think about the primary purpose of the pool. This can be for exercise, entertaining, relaxing etc. This will give you an idea of the overall aesthetic you want to have for the pool as well. Maybe there are special features that you want to include such as spa areas and waterfalls. Your vision is what will set the basis for the pool construction Pt Lonsdale project and the pool builder will then help guide your choices and help you stay within your budget and timeline. There are different shapes and sizes of pools. Once you have an idea of what direction you want to go with for inspiration, think about where your concrete pool will be location.

You will have to think about your backyard layout

And how much available space there is when choosing the shape. You can choose a classic shape which is the rectangular pool. This can be done if you have sufficient space on the land. But you can also create a free form pool that takes into account the shape of your land and it also mimic a natural body of water. This will have a big impact on its overall aesthetics. You need to be practical when choosing the size for the pool. Think about what you can easily maintain and what achieves your expectations for the pool. And finishes are a great way to customise the concrete pool. You can use traditional finishes such as aggregate or plaster. These are durable and give the classic appearance as well. You can also try out unique finishes like glass bead surfaces and pebble surfaces. You can add more texture to increase the visual appeal and this can improve the safety of the pool as well.

The finishes you choose

Will also have a big impact on the colour of the water in the pool and how it is reflected. You can search for inspiration online when choosing the finishes and you can also ask the pool builder whether you can visit some of their finishes work so that you can get some ideas. This will also give you an opportunity to gauge their workmanship. There are many water features you can incorporate into the pool such as spa areas, fountains and waterfalls so that the pool can be transformed into a focal point. You can let the pool designer know what you are looking for and how these features can be incorporated. They will ensure that the sensory experience of the pool is improved. Also, the lighting chosen will have a big impact on the atmosphere so you can use fibre optic or LED lighting to highlight certain areas.

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