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How to Have Fun with Your Kids in the Pool


There are some youngsters who are perfectly satisfied to create their own fun at the pool, but there are others who may require some encouragement or else they risk becoming bored. Therefore, if you want your children to enjoy swimming more, consider the following 10 suggestions.

1. Engage in the game of mirrors. Everyone is able to participate in the game of mirrors. To begin, pair off and face each other while standing in a line. When one of you performs a movement, the other of you must attempt to imitate it in the same manner as if you were staring in a mirror. You may try submerging yourself, paddling side to side, pulling faces, or any number of other maneuvers. Alter places every few minutes and continue to take turns with the other person. The games on this list can only be played in a nice warm pool because there’s nothing as unpleasant as a freezing cold pool. If you want a pool heater, we highly recommend that you look into solar power companies Brisbane

2. Get some experience swimming while holding breath. Playing the submerged bridge game is an excellent method to hone their underwater swimming skills. Put your legs wide apart and form a bridge by standing in the shape of a star. Give your children the opportunity to try swimming through your legs. Try having two people stand with their legs wide and see whether they can swim between both of them if they think it to be a simple task.

3. Keep your balance on the floats. Each participant will need their own tube or flat float in order to participate in this game. Everyone keeps a safe distance away from the edge of the pool and climbs onto their own floats and stands on them. The last one standing is the winner.

4. Test their diving skills. You may test your children’s swimming ability by throwing a stone into the water and timing them to see how fast they can recover it. You’ll find weights on the side of the pool at some swimming facilities; as an alternative, you may use coins.

5. Compete against one another. There are times when the most basic games are the most fun. There’s no need to bring any equipment if you want to have a good time racing the kids over the length or breadth of the pool.

6. Perform synchronized swimming sequences as often as possible. Teach your children basic skills such as handstands and spins, and then give them the freedom to come up with their own routines that they can execute in the water.

7. Enjoy a game of Marco Polo. This time-honored game is a lot of fun to play both alone and with other people. One person in the group closes his eyes or puts on a blindfold and stands in the middle of the pool; this person is “it”. If this player yells “Marco!” then all the others haveto yell “Polo!” The first player will then attempt to capture the other players; if he is successful then the captured person will take the place of the “it” player.

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