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Positive Hobbies You Can Pursue for Mental Wellbeing


One of our biggest treasures would be our health, not just the physical but also our mental health that is why it is important that as functional human beings we must make it as a goal for ourselves to look after our own good and take responsibility for ourselves and for our wellbeing, because if we do not and cannot take care of ourselves, then we cannot expect others to take care of us. In terms of keeping a well-balanced and healthy mental wellbeing, here are some positive hobbies that you can pursue to have a more balanced and healthy state of mind.


Music is the very soul of the soul, or so that is what some musicians think and yes, they may be partly right. Music speaks to everyone whether you’re young or old, regardless of culture and society there will always be music within that context.

So, it is not farfetched to say that people can turn to music to develop a positive hobby and to create a balanced state of mind music can create a rhythm of peace and tranquillity for each person. It also helps in keeping the person grounded in their art through auditory senses, that they can use it to calm their own selves should any trouble occur.


Crafting is one of those hobbies that not only occupies your mind, which is a very great function for hobbies to control anxiety and overthinking. To silence the mind, it needs focus and specific attention into details, thus crafting is one of those hobbies that is perfect for those people suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks.

It also trains the mind in the art of mindfulness which causes the mind to feel grounded in the current moment. If you want to pursue crafting you can choose acrylic blanks as a starting medium, it is easy and the art itself is flexible and also fun, you can easily choose from a wide range of acrylic blanks in which ever suits your creative urge.


One of the most effective ways to handle your emotions is to meet it head on and acknowledge it as what it is and in most cases to project it somewhere where it can be understood not just by you but also by other people and you can do this through the use of photography. As the lens focuses and directs to the subject so will the projection of your emotion focus on that.

Now there may be few who will project their own emotion through your captured images, but the key idea here is that you get to project it outwards where people can see the picture and they get to acknowledge the same projected emotions through the image, and that is how you can handle your emotions through the use of photography.

The hobbies that we pick for ourselves not only helps us maintain our sense of self and positive wellbeing, it also allows us to explore some aspects of ourselves that is still not clear to us or we are not aware of. These hobbies shapes in us the ability to learn something new and the discipline to master something just for the sake of doing so, and this is one of the most mundane yet quintessential parts of human existence.

Keira Gilmore
the authorKeira Gilmore