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Sustainability of Corrugated Packaging


The environmental impact of businesses is looked into more and more in the present world. The current consumer is very eco-conscious and environmentally friendly and they expect the businesses that cater for them to be so as well. So there is a lot of change that the companies should undergo to remain relevant to changing mindsets and demands of the users. Companies are increasingly adopting strategies in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

Corrugate packaging for custom mailer boxes, packaging of beverages, dry food etc. has become more and more popular with the demand for environmentally friendly business approaches. Customers are looking for companies that have ethical concepts from the sourcing of materials to shipping and delivery. So companies are looking at recyclable materials when it comes to packaging. Corrugated packaging contains recycled materials and it can be recycled again. There is a lot of recycled paper in corrugated packaging and no toxic chemicals are used in its manufacturing which allows for sustainable disposal. And it can be safely re-used at home for other purposes. Corrugated packaging is made from paper pulp. It uses mainly timber from pine trees that grow very fast and therefore can be procured sustainably. Some are also made of wood chips and byproducts of paper manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is a great way of creating something new out of by-products that may otherwise go to waste. So the majority, if not all of the contents of corrugated packaging are made of recycled material.

When it comes to timber that is used for corrugated packaging, they are harvested from sustainable forests and these can be replaced easily as fast growing tree species are used. Because they are mainly made of recycled materials, there is less energy exerted in their manufacturing process. Also, the manufacturers don’t need to transport raw materials from far away locations which will minimize the carbon footprint. All materials needed for the production can be sourced locally and it is a great way of dealing with local paper waste. The corrugated boxes are made to be collapsible so that you can reuse them when necessary. They are made of durable material so they can be used for some time by the customers for any other purposes such as storage. They can also be easily put into the recycling bin when the customers have finished using them.

As a supplier of a product, you need to consider the safety of the packing material to ensure your product reaches its destination safely. You need to speak with your packaging company about the type of items you want to ship and how they can help with providing good materials that can improve your branding. It is very easy to stack corrugated boxes so there will not be any space wasted when shipping or transporting your product from the factory to the end consumer. These boxes make transportation easy and you will be able to use a smaller number of vehicles as a result. This material is cost-effective and it is lightweight. So the production cost is low which can bring down the packaging budget of the company.

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