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Things Every New Mom Should Have but Nobody Tells You About


Forget everything you’ve read so far; we’re going to get right to the good stuff: the must-have baby goods for first-time parents that no one has told you about.

Spend a little more money on a diaper bag that also serves as your personal bag, and you’ll save time and money. There is such a thing as a beautiful, all-purpose diaper bag that isn’t adorned with paisley flowers or awful bright polka dots. Yes, there is such a thing. (Who would have thought it?) Everything will be okay if it has plenty of pockets, a washable matte surface, and can be quickly and simply attached to your stroller frame. This one also comes with a changing pad that can be removed.

There will be messes at mealtimes when you have a baby. Avocado will be smeared across the seat surface, pureed squash will be spread throughout the tray, and Cheerio crumbs will find their way into every nook of the vehicle’s interior. High chairs with soft materials may appear to be quite comfortable but be sure they can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. You don’t want to be stuck doing laundry after every feeding session. The ability to easily clean the high chair tray by placing it in the dishwasher is very convenient to have.

Swaddling custom knitted baby blankets, has been soothing new-borns (and preserving the sanity of mothers) throughout the world for generations. By swaddling your baby tightly, you will not only assist your child in self-soothing, but you will also help them fall asleep more quickly since being swaddled will remind them of their days in the womb. The last thing you want is to spend an hour trying to make a lovely tight wrap just to have it kicked off in a matter of seconds when it’s 3 a.m. and you’re trying to get the baby changed, swaddled, and back to sleep (while bleary-eyed). Many parents choose to use swaddles with Velcro closures because they allow you to swiftly secure their baby and be certain that they will stay that way.

There will come a moment when you’ll be willing to go to any length and take any measure to alleviate your baby’s teething discomfort. Allow me to introduce you to Sophie, the giraffe teether, who possesses remarkable healing abilities. She’s made of natural rubber and food-safe paint, and she contains no toxic chemicals, which moms appreciate. But what is it about her that makes the baby fall in love with her? That one is still in court, according to the jurors. Perhaps it is because her chewable appendages protrude in all directions, making her simple to nibble on; or perhaps it is because she squeaks when squeezed and appears to be the right size for a baby’s kung-fu grasp. However, one thing is certain: her miraculous ability to keep the baby happy (and silent) makes her a must-have for any family with a baby.

Keira Gilmore
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