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Things in Your Kitchen That Affect Efficiency


The kitchen should have a workable layout that doesn’t hinder your movement. With a good design, you will find it so easy to work in the kitchen. There are certain things that can affect this efficiency which will keep you from being able to navigate the kitchen easily. If you spot these mistakes in your kitchen, you can look for ways to change them.

Something that affects the efficiency to a great degree is the layout of the kitchen

Many kitchens tend to be cramped and cluttered. But even if you have a small space allocated for the kitchen, there are ways to make it more efficient. You need to make sure there is easy movement between the work zones. The work triangle can be used here to great effect where you have the refrigerator, sink and the stove in a triangular formation so that you can easily move between these areas. There are many renovation companies for kitchens Newcastle and they can help you organize your existing kitchen so that you can work more comfortably. For example, you can organize your kitchen into zones such as cooking zone, cleaning zone, preparation zone, consumables and non-consumables zone. The fried, and food cabinets will be in the consumables zone while the other cupboards where you store glasses, crockery etc. will be in the non-consumable zone.        

Not having enough counter space

Can make preparing meals difficult and you will not have sufficient space for all the kitchen appliances. You can add extra counter space using a kitchen island. You can also extend the existing counters. And when you are purchasing appliances, look for space saving options. It is always a good idea to go for multi-purpose appliances and tools instead of single use items. You can also extend counter space by customizing a cutting board that can cover the sink. If your kitchen has dull lighting, it can affect how you use the space. Having sufficient lighting can make a big difference. You need to have task lighting. Only having ceiling lights is not sufficient as your shadow will fall on the counter when you are preparing meals on the counter. So you should have under cabinet lighting. And if you have a kitchen island, a pendant light can illuminate it.

Not having enough storage is an issue for many kitchens

When you don’t have enough storage, it can affect the organisation of your kitchen. You will spend a long time looking for things in overflowing cabinets. What you can do is add extra storage to store appliances, cookware etc. And to organise the drawer space you already have, you can use drawer dividers. Look for ways to increase vertical storage. And try to utilise every little space. For example, the tiny space between the fridge and the wall is ideal for a narrow pull out unit which can store condiments, spices etc. If there are unpleasant odours in your kitchen, this means you don’t have sufficient ventilation. You can use a ventilation hood for this. If you already have one, you will need to upgrade it.

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